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Róży 11, 05-090 Falenty Nowe, Poland

Saleof forklifts
Saleof forklifts

A wide range of machines and devices

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BiLift Polska Sp. z o.o.

we are a rental company

but we also provide a technical service support and sales

  • forklift trucks
  • racks and IT solutions
  • access platforms
  • all-terrain forklift trucks
  • telescopic loaders
  • compact excavators and wheel loaders for earthmoving
  • equipment and accessories for these machines and devices.

since 2006 r.
we have been operating

over 1000
units in our fleet

100 %
Polish capital


Forklift truck for rent

In present days a forklift truck has become an integral part of any business concerned with manufacturing and/or sales. As BiLift Polska Ltd., we started our business in 2006 and focused on forklift rental. Our forklift rental company provides customers with almost 800 modern devices. We also have our own service technicians thanks to whom we can assure all our forklifts are fully operational and ready for work, and in case of failure you can expect fast repair and/or replacement forklifts. Our forklift service staff also carries on external services, such as forklift technical inspections, checks, repairs as well as complete overhauls of customers’ products. We rent and sell various variants, such as electric forklifts (high-reach forklifts and warehouse forklifts), engine-powered forklift trucks and manual pallet jacks, including new and second-hand, Ausa forklifts, Atlet forklifts, BT forklifts, Cesab forklifts, Clark forklifts, Manitou forklifts and Nissan forklifts (now Unicarriers) as well as Toyota forklifts. Besides we also offer SkyJack access platforms and Ausa telehandlers, and Takeuchi mini-excavators, as well as any kind of equipment and accessories for forklifts and working attachments for construction machines. As a rule forklifts entail a considerable and often unfounded expense if you use them sporadically or periodically. With such customers in mind, we offer a short-term forklift rental. If you rent a forklift, you can save cash assigned to purchase and make use of it in a more effective way.

Forklift long term rental

A long-term forklift rental has been increasing popular for a few years in our country. It turns out that customers find it more beneficial and convenient than traditional purchase and/or leasing. We settle long-term rentals on the basis of a monthly fee (fixed and variable cost) and importantly our offer has been extended to include two own long-term rental programs – Fair Rental and Try Rental – available only here. Fair Rental – a rental that pays off to everyone and that does not require any mileage limits, thanks to which there is no undervalue or overvalue risk. Customers can only gain because they pay for hours of work and do not need to worry about limits. Try Rental – try a rental which is supposed to promote the idea of forklift rental among customers who have not had any experience with it before. Try Rental’s task is to dispel any doubts and fears as well as present all advantages and benefits related to forklift rental.