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Róży 11, 05-090 Falenty Nowe, Poland

Dear Sir/Madam,

First of all, we would like to thank you for your interest and visiting our new website. We kindly encourage you to read all the information about our company, in particular we recommend this sections “About us” as well as “Our offer”. We are sure that you will find here many interesting and absorbing news about us, which will help you to understand our philosophy, our offer and the principles of our customer service. If you will still demand more information, please do not hesitate to contact our representative or our office.

As mentioned before, we are a rental company, but we also provide a technical service support and sales of the following:

  • forklift trucks
  • racks and IT solutions
  • access platforms
  • all-terrain forklift trucks
  • telescopic loaders
  • compact excavators and wheel loaders for earthmoving
  • equipment and accessories for these machines and devices.

We have also developed our own original idea for the effective conduct of our business, where the customer service and needs are always at the center of our attention and concern, regardless of the circumstances. This is best described by our mission and our vision.

Our mission:
We want to be the best at what we do, tell us what it means to you?

Our vision:

  • Imagine a perfect company, which sells, rents and maintains the forklift trucks, the access platforms and the construction machinery.
  • Try our services and tell us what are we missing to be your ideal partner?
  • Thanks to you we know what we need to change and improve, so now let us be your ideal.

BiLift Polska Sp. z o.o., was established in 2006 and, unlike other companies (dealers) in the industry, mostly leaders on our market, we are not rigidly tied to a single supplier, therefore we do not limit our offer to only one brand. As a result, we are objective and can be completely independent in offering you proven machinery and equipment, which at this time best meet your needs, by selecting the best models available on the market, regardless of their manufacturer. On the other hand, with our own servicing facilities we provide full service of machines, so that you do not have to work with several different dealers, which is never easy or especially cheap.

Can you imagine present days, for example, in an electronic store you can only choose from one TV or refrigerator brand and no other? And if you want to check and possibly buy a different one, you have to make the effort to visit another store with similarly only one brand available. There are no such stores any more, right? They did not stand the test of time. This is something that was noticed not only by the “shopkeepers”, who now try to offer, in one place, products of the same type coming from several different producers, but also most car dealers by creating the so-called multi-brand showrooms, which are no longer surprising or new. We have become accustomed to this and treat it as a standard. Who said that it may not be the same for machines and equipment? Unfortunately, clinging to this usual pattern, where one dealer means one manufacturer, is predominant; in this situation everybody gains a profit except for the customer. In our opinion, you, as a customer, deserve a choice, so that you can gain and/or save more, and we are able to offer you this choice.

Anyone interested in our company is encouraged to visit the remaining sections of our new website and/or contact our representative or our office.

Yours faithfully,
The management of BiLift Polska.