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Róży 11, 05-090 Falenty Nowe, Poland

We aim to create and provide you with an attractive and comprehensive offer including:

rental, technical service and sales which, when combined with our missionvision and many years of experience,

will work together and mutually complement each other, like the fingers of one hand. Let us try to imagine how hard it would be to do any work with a hand that lacks even one finger. It is similarly difficult to work with a company that lacks even one of the above activities, isn’t it? At the same time we cannot forget the importance of relevant and reliable tools at work, how difficult it is to get around without them today. Remember also that the situation can get even more complicated when, in the course of time, the nature of your work changes, when you need other tools, then what should you do, how can new ones be procured and what should be done with the old ones? Our company is very happy to help you, as we cannot only provide (sell or rent) new or used machines, but can replace them and assist with the financial side of things. Furthermore, we can take care of them technically all the time. Our offer includes new and used “tools” such as:

  • forklift trucks: Atlet, BT, Cesab, Clark, Hyster, Manitou, Nissan, TCM and Toyota
  • racks and IT solutions
  • access platforms: JLG, Manitou and SkyJack
  • all-terrain forklift trucks: Ausa and Manitou
  • telescopic loaders: Ausa
  • compact excavators and wheel loaders for earthmoving: Takeuchi, Gehl and Mustang
  • equipment and accessories for these machines and devices.

When we freely combine our business activity range with the possibility of selecting any machinery or equipment from our offer coming from several different manufactures, you get opportunities unavailable with any other dealer! We offer a wide range of machinery, equipment and services (incl. funding opportunities), while at the same time we do not forget about the process of properly selecting equipment to meet the needs of the target jobs, while maintaining the efficient spending of available funds as it is very important to optimize investment and cost control. Therefore, our producers are categorized into three groups:

  • Premium – for quality and warranty
  • Challenge – for prompt availability and repeatability
  • Budget – for quantity and price.

So that you can have a choice!
More details about our business range and the manufacturers of equipment and machines offered by us can be found in other sections. Please do not hesitate to familiarize yourself with their contents and/or contact our representative or our office.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns about our services, please contact our representative or our office.