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Róży 11, 05-090 Falenty Nowe, Poland

You have already learnt in the section “About us” that we are a rental company. Rental is our core activity, accounting for more than half of our business range, so we want to devote as much attention to it here as well. We wish only to remind you that our company rents:

  • forklift trucks
  • access platforms
  • all-terrain forklift trucks
  • telescopic loaders
  • compact excavators and wheel loaders for earthmoving
  • equipment and accessories for these machines and devices.

In the case of an ordinary purchase for cash or a lease, the subsequent costs of the maintenance of any machinery or equipment can only be estimated, which always involves some risk of under or overestimation. Underestimation is the shortest way to unprofitability and the financial losses. Overestimation, on the other hand, can artificially inflate the costs, making your offer too expensive and potentially rejected by a potential customer. Rental is, however, countable from the very start, so it is definitely more beneficial and comfortable, also in terms of organizational, operational and, above all, financial aspects, and it does not have to be expensive – we know how to do it right.

Basic forms of rental:

  • STR – short term rental. It starts from one day, but it can also last indefinitely. It is the most popular and widespread form of rental.
  • LTR – long term rental. These are fixed-term contracts, measured and defined in years. This type of rental is gaining popularity because it is the only alternative for obtaining a machine or equipment without involving one’s own resources, a bank loan or a lease and it does not require so many formalities.
  • Fair Rental – a type of rental favorable for everyone. This is our own idea available for short and long-term rentals for fixed-term contracts lasting for no less than one year. Mileage (operating hours) limits do not apply with Fair Rental, so there is no risk of under- or overestimation. The customers gain because they pay only for the time actually worked and do not have to worry about limits.
  • Try Rental –another of our original ideas and also a program to promote the idea of machinery and equipment rental among customers who have not had the opportunity to try it yet. “Try Rental” aims to alleviate their fears and doubts and pinpoint all the advantages and benefits of the rental system.

At the moment, our rental fleet has over 400 units and we are pleased by its steady increase in number.

Rental is becoming a more and more common form of financing machine and equipment use in Poland. It is estimated that in the Western European countries over 80% of all machinery and equipment used for commercial applications is rented, while in Poland it is just over 20%. However, a few years ago it was less than 15%. As we can see, this trend is also becoming more evident in our country, and in recent years the quantities and dynamics associated with this process has increased. Why? The conclusion may be only one, and it’s pretty obvious – because it is profitable for you! If we would only rid ourselves of the doubtful habit of the ownership of the property, as it does not matter who owns the equipment, only for what it is necessary and what kind of work it has to carry out, then you as well are likely to reach this same conclusion.

Anyone interested in our rental services and the many benefits coming from it, which cannot be described here due to limited space, is advised to contact our representative or our office.