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Róży 11, 05-090 Falenty Nowe, Poland

Despite the rapid grow of rental services, sales in Poland still remains the most common way of acquiring the machinery and equipment, therefore, we are not going to neglect it just because we are a rental company. Our goal is to provide you with an objective and comprehensive rental and sales offer as these go hand in hand complementing each other. When we combine our services with the possibility of selecting any machinery or equipment from our offer coming from several different producers, you attain opportunities unavailable with any other dealer! Our offer includes new and used:

  • forklift trucks
  • racks and IT solutions
  • access platforms
  • all-terrain forklift trucks
  • telescopic loaders
  • compact excavators and wheel loaders for earthmoving
  • equipment and accessories for these machines and devices.

More details on our current product offer can be found in the section “Our offer”. We encourage you to check it and/or contact our representative or our office.

However, we would like to clearly indicate that, despite the wide variety and origins of the machines on offer, we provide a comprehensive technical service, warranty and after-warranty support for all of them. You will find more details on this topic and, in general, about our site in the section “Technical service”. We encourage you to check it and/or contact our representative or our office.

Also, if purchase is involved, our company has a number of proposals which, in our opinion, should be of interest to you (details available on request from our representative or our office):

  • we offer the widest range of products and services of all the companies in our industry, and we do not forget about “added values” which additionally distinguish us
  • our machines and equipment are covered by warranty (even up to 5 years)
  • our customers are provided with the bridging machines and equipment, for example for the time of delivery, in the event of break-down or stand-by
  • we have our own servicing facilities, so that we are able to ensure a rapid response in the event of any break-down, and lower technical service costs of running your machinery and equipment
  • by providing a personalized service for each of our customers we are customer friendly with a good reputation, confirmed by numerous references
  • we take any machine or equipment as part-exchange
  • we organize trainings for operators
  • we have our own, very fair and transparent loyalty program.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns concerning our sales, please contact our representative or our office.