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In our opinion, it is quite impossible to ensure the proper functioning or even the management of the rental and/or sales of any machinery or equipment without appropriate technical support. The contemporary service is a very complex and demanding activity, which bears a major responsibility. We understand it very well in our company, therefore so many resources and so much attention is devoted to the continuous improvement and upgrading of our service capabilities.

If you decide to purchase any machine or equipment, in addition to the purchase price you should ask how much will cost keeping it running for the next 5 to 7 years, and you want a credible and valid amount – not risky therefore worthless estimates. What do you think, how much will it cost you? Being a rental company we know how to accurately calculate it. Anyone interested in the details should contact our representative or our office.

Our company provides comprehensive servicing, including UDT*, of all machinery and equipment found in our current product offer:

  • forklift trucks: Atlet, BT, Cesab, Clark, HC, Hyster, Manitou, Nissan, TCM and Toyota
  • access platforms: JLG, Manitou and SkyJack
  • all-terrain forklift trucks: Ausa and Manitou
  • telescopic loaders: Ausa
  • compact excavators and wheel loaders for earthmoving: Komatsu, Gehl, Mustang, Takeuchi and Terex
  • equipment and accessories for these machines and devices.

As the above list is not close, do not hesitate to contact our representative or our office for possible expectations and more details.
Our priority is to keep your and our machines and equipment running, but we also have this principle:

We provide low costs, not necessarily low rates.

But what does this actually mean? It is not the necessarily the role of the service, but above all, reasonably matching the machine or equipment to your needs. Then preventing break downs and damages by performing regular periodic inspections, including an important daily technical maintenance and to train and regularly improve the operators’ knowledge. Such a simple and obvious matter, but so many people forget about it.

Further, our goal is to reduce the number of working hours and parts replaced in the case of any break down, firstly by reducing the risk of failure at the stage of an efficient periodic inspection, then by investing in skilled and competent service personnel, their training and skills. However, we do not want to reduce our rates, by exploiting our employees, or even at the expense of poorer customer service. Spare parts are also no less important, and it is not the discount that matters but the purchase price, quality and warranty.

Also, if servicing is involved, our company has a number of proposals which, in our opinion, should be of interest to you (details available on request at our representative or our office):
we have our own service facilities and several service authorizations, we are able to ensure a professional and quick response in the case of any break down, and cut your maintenance costs of your machines and/or equipment in run

  • we offer servicing contracts in several convenient options, more details below
  • we are not limited to only one brand, if you own machines by other manufacturers, we can service them as well
  • we supply genuine spare parts; however, upon your request we can also provide proven replacements, refurbished parts and numerous improvements
  • our services and spare parts are covered with a warranty; more details are available in our Warranty Terms (PDF download – available in Polish only)
  • in the event of any break down we provide bridging machines and equipment, or on stand-by
  • by providing a personalized service for each of our customers we are a popular and reputable company – a condition confirmed by numerous references
  • we have our own, very fair and transparent loyalty program.

The basic types of service contracts.

Service Ad-Hoc (from one break down to another). This is the most common form as the result of improperly conceived savings, with very few, if any, periodic maintenance inspections which are recommended by the manufacturer. The periodic maintenance inspections are usually performed on the occasion of the UDT examinations, controls (e.g. PIP’s**) or due to some random accidents. This is, in our opinion, the shortest way to premature wear and tear of your machinery or equipment and/or accident or, at best, frequent and unplanned breaks in operation.

Planned Service and Maintenance. This is type is recommended by every manufacturer of any machinery and equipment, and is required by the UDT and the PIP institutions! Unlike the ad-hoc service it means scheduled and regular periodic maintenance, in accordance with the manufacturer’s guide lines recommendations, including a daily service, which is the responsibility of the operator. Thanks to this we can constantly monitor the technical condition and on time spot any irregularity, then we are able to prevent all major break downs and/or an accidents and extend the life of your machines. Without a doubt, we thus significantly reduce the risk of unexpected break downs, saving your time and money for the repairs and damages due to the accidents and unplanned breaks in operation. Planned service and maintenance can be divided to: proper, limited and basic service and maintence, which differ in the scope of activities performed. However, given the limited space here, anyone interested in details is advised to contact our representative or our office.

Full Service. The name may be misleading, which leads to many misunderstandings and even misuse. As the general rule, full service is nothing more than the planned service and maintenance, which has been described above, but the way the costs are calculated is different. The costs of periodic maintenance inspections and repairs, including labour, spare parts and travel are accounted for in the form of a monthly fix fee, so you can plan your service costs for many years ahead. At this occasion, we would like to mention the “Fair Service”, which works just like Full Service, the only difference is the way of calculating the monthly fix fee. In the case of the Fair Service, the customer pays monthly, but only for the operating hours physically worked by the machine or equipment. Also, in this case, given the limited space, anyone interested in details should contact our representative or our office.
If you have any questions, comments or concerns concerning our sales, please contact our representative or our office.

*UDT – an obligatory annual technical examination by the Ministry of Industry.
**PIP – Health and Safety Inspector